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I found a pheasant in the road, who has been hit by a car. The bird appears dazzled and walks in circles. Can you advise what to do?

Please check out our corvid care page, which also contains first aid measures applicable to pheasants and other bird species.

Corvid Care

You should also get as soon as possible in touch with an experienced bird rescue or rehabber near you. It seems that the bird has suffered a severe concussion, and needs to rest in a safe, quite and darkened room. He shouldn’t roam in the garden, as he is confused and may disappear, meaning the chance to help him will be lost and the bird is likely to be predated on. It is also likely that the bird is in need of more treatment, such as rehydration and pain relief. The bird might also need to be tube fed when not eating by himself. Pheasants are stressed out easily and are prone to die when handled, either due to cardiac arrest or due to exacerbation of a bleed in the brain caused by the initial head trauma. Please follow the link below to read the full blog post.

Impact Trauma