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I have found a trapped bird. What shall I do?

It is very important that you contact a local wildlife rescue or rehabber straight away and that you stay at the scene until they arrive. Please do not attempt to free the trapped bird yourself as many birds tangled or trapped in netting can be dehydrated, suffering from ligature wounds or are very stressed needing specialist treatment before they can be released. However, if the bird is trapped beyond reach, it is best to inform the RSPCA, as the Fire and Rescue Services will only attend when called out by the RSPCA.

Birds trapped underneath the netting however are the responsibility of the land owner, who should be informed. This happens often due to poor maintenance of netting on buildings, where the birds can get in but struggle to get back out again. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 the landowner should provide trapped birds with food and water until they can arrange for the bird to be freed. Once the trapped bird has been released the landowner should then repair their netting to ensure that this does not happen again.