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I have found an injured animal on the road. What shall I do?

First of all stop, go back and assess the situation. But always make sure you are safe. Only then try to get the animal out of the danger zone and move him or her to a safer place. You may have to improvise by using a jumper or a coat. If you are able to, bring the animal to the nearest wildlife rescue or veterinary surgery. If you can’t do that, or it is not safe, then ring immediately an experienced wildlife rescue and stay with the animal until help arrives. Injured animals will try to hide, making it almost impossible to find them, in particular during night time. There is often one chance only to help and to rescue the injured animal.

Also, please don’t take the animal home and put him or her somewhere overnight to see whether the animal is still alive the next morning. Just think how you would want to be treated, if you would be poorly. The chances of survival are decreasing by the minute. Don’t forget that all animals feel pain like you do! If the animal is very badly injured, then again, don’t wait and let the animal suffer, but contact an experienced wildlife rescue or veterinary surgery immediately, as euthanasia might be the kindest option in these hopeless situations. Last but not least, be alert and drive safely – give children, pets and wildlife a ‘brake’!