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I have found two jackdaw chicks. The chicks were very weak and no sign of parents. They are about a week old as the pin feathers and eyes just starting to open. Can you please advise what to do?

Please get in touch as soon as possible with a corvid friendly and experienced bird rescue near the place you live. Until you have found a rescue, who will take over the care, please check out the blog posts and links below, as they contain essential information you may find useful.

Finding the Optimal Diet for Corvids

Another Post About The Diet Of Corvids

How And When To Release Crows, Rooks And Jackdaws

Please check out the links below, which will take you to third party databases of rescues and rehabbers in the UK. Please note that not all bird rescues and rehabbers are specialised in corvids or are able to provide long term care facilities suitable for the specific needs of corvids. Prior to the hand over of any rescue animal, it is recommended to check the relevant policies of the rescue or veterinary surgeon concerned, which includes respective euthanasia policies.

Wildlife Rescues and Rehabbers

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