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Should we help birds like crows, gulls or pigeons?

Of course we should. It is our duty and responsibility as humans to help all living beings in need, regardless of their species, race, gender, skin colour, culture or religion. It is not up to us to make any judgements about who has to live or who has to die. If you are truly concerned and suspect an increase in the number of these bird species, then please note, that there is usually a manmade cause for that. You might also lack insight into the full picture, drawing the wrong conclusion from a local or specific but not representative observation. For example, there is the general public assumption, that the number of crows and rooks are on the increase. However, this is wrong, numbers are actually stable or even decreasing. But what happening is, as we destroy the rural habitats of corvids, the same number of birds have now to move closer to human residential areas to find food and shelter, subsequently resulting in more sightings in urbanised regions. If you are concerned in any way, then please contact an experienced wildlife rescue or PiCAS for further information about how you can solve the alleged problem humanely.

PiCAS (Pigeon Control Advisory Service)

Humane Wildlife Solutions – The Humane Alternative to Pest Control