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What is the best type of bandage to be used for a wing splint?

Vet wrap or cohesive bandages are commonly used, but can be sometimes difficult to apply. They are quite often removed by the bird, as they are relatively stiff and layers are not sticking enough together. Nevertheless, these type of bandages still play an important part in fracture immobilisation of larger birds, or as a second covering layer, which can be replaced when damaged.

The best choice for smaller or delicate birds is Snøgg, which is a ‘high end’ self-adhesive elasticated type of bandage originally being developed for humans.  Snøgg is not just self-adhesive, it will mould together into a single unit after being applied, making it almost impossible for the bird to dislodge or to remove it. It will not damage any feathers, and falls literally off the bird when cut apart. It is so versatile and safe that it is recommended to be used in very delicate migrant birds like swifts. It can go directly onto feathers, skin or even a wound, even with ointments underneath. Another plus is that Snøgg is waterproof, so it can be for example used as a shoe splint for a mallard, without falling off after the first bath.

Only disadvantage is that it is not exactly cheap. Our experience made over many years of use shows that the results achieved are superior compared with any other conventional vet wrap, and that is mainly due to the fact that a wing splint or wrap doesn’t need to be applied twice or even more often. This fact minimises fracture displacement, improves fracture healing and reduces the risk of a pseudarthrosis.

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