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What to feed an oystercatcher chick in captivity?

There is very limited information available as oystercatcher are a bird species rarely seen in rehabilitation centres or rescues. One of many interesting observations made during the rehabilitation of oystercatcher Mervin was that his dietary choices have frequently changed over time, which could reflect both, an individual choice and changing nutritional requirements. This is a selection of food items we have provided starting with the day Mervin has been found as a 7 day old chick and ending with his successful release. We provided a varied diet of chopped lettuce, fresh cockles, small amounts of earth worms, boiled egg, a good insectivore food mix, small apple pieces and wheat germ. The diet has been complimented with pilchards, whitebait, small sprats and limpets, which have been the preferred food source during the later stages of his rehabilitation. Additional vitamin supplements have been provided as well.