Corvid Isle Sanctuary

Corvid Isle is a small non-for-profit organisation and corvid sanctuary based in the South of England. The Corvid Isle team is committed to the principles of holistic nonviolence. Our focus is to provide dedicated state of the art long-term care and rehabilitation facilities for native corvid species like magpies, crows, rooks, ravens, jackdaws and jays.

This means that we do provide care for birds for one, sometimes two or even more years, before these birds can be released back into the wild. We are entirely self-funded and rely on the kind support from members of the public. Please go to our Support page to find out more about how you can support our work and the animals in our care.

Corvid Isle is a sanctuary and not a wild bird or corvid rescue. We are unable to take care of corvid related emergencies or to assist in cases where birds need to be rescued. Currently we are unable to take in new birds. In a case of a bird related emergency, please contact your nearest experienced corvid friendly rehabber or wildlife rescue.

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