If you would like to contact us, then please use the contact form provided below. Please note that Corvid Isle is a sanctuary and not a wild bird or corvid rescue. We are unable to take care of corvid related emergencies or to assist in cases where birds need to be rescued.

If you have a question regarding corvid rescue, care or rehabilitation, please check out our Corvid Care page or alternatively go to our FAQ section, both contain a multitude of information about wildlife emergencies in general as well as dedicated information referring specifically to corvids.

Poorly or injured animals are usually best cared for by experienced, specialised and suitably equipped rescues or rehabbers. Time is always of an essence! Please check out the links below, which will take you to third party databases of rescues and rehabbers in the UK. The provision of these links is for your convenience only and does not imply any endorsement of, or responsibility for, these organisations or the facilities or services they provide.

Help Wildlife UK

UK Animal Rescues

British Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (BWRC)

Swift First Aid and Care

Please note that not all bird rescues and rehabbers are able to provide care, treatment and rehabilitation facilities for all native bird species including corvids, and might not be able to provide long term care facilities required in some cases. Prior to the hand over of any rescue animal, it is recommended to check the relevant policies of the rescue or veterinary surgeon concerned, which includes respective euthanasia policies.