Corvid Isle Sanctuary Needs Your Support

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We come to you today with a heartfelt appeal on behalf of our cherished corvids. Corvid Isle Sanctuary is a small and entirely self-funded non for profit organisation based in the Scottish Highlands. We provide a safe haven for these intelligent and captivating birds, who have faced hardships and adversity.

GoFundMe – Corvid Isle Sanctuary Needs Your Support

At our sanctuary, we offer a forever home to corvids that have endured unimaginable challenges. Many have suffered injuries, or impairments or have been orphaned, requiring specialised care and attention. We believe in their inherent worth and dedicate ourselves to their well-being, providing a sanctuary where they can flourish and find refuge from a world that often misunderstands them.

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Happy New Year 2023

Wishing all of our friends, supporters and followers a peaceful Happy New Year. Animals need our love, care and attention. They also need our respect and care. Because animals cannot stand for their rights, it is our job to stand and work for them. Animals are not the property of humans and they must not be treated like objects. Let us keep them safe and protect them. Let the year 2023 be the year where animal lovers will encourage their friends, family, relatives or communities to hold up a voice for animals.

Happy New Year
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Winter Bird Feeding Tips

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The winter can be a tough time of year for your garden birds. However, you can easily give your feathered friends a helping hand. Attracting birds to your garden will be more successful, if they have a place that makes them feel secure and comfortable even in the worst weather. Please check out the link below for some winter bird feeding tips and other useful information about how to help your garden birds.

Long-tailed tits

Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Corvid Isle FAQ

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We have been advised to take our Corvid Isle Forum offline due to a severe security vulnerability. Subsequently, we have analysed and monitored the situation for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, at the time being there is no timeline available about how and when this security issue is going to be sufficiently patched. Therefore we have taken the decision to retire the Corvid Isle Forum for good. However, as the Forum contained a wealth of useful information, internal and external links as well as plenty of advice, we have transferred and converted all this material into a new ‘frequently asked questions’ style of database. We do hope that our users will find this newly created source of information well structured and easily accessible. Please follow the link below to check out the new Corvid Isle FAQ section.

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Corvid Isle FAQ