United for Animal and Human Rights – We Demand a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza Now!


As Animal Rights organisations and individuals we are part of a global social justice movement. We commonly prioritise the fight for freedom and justice for our fellow non human animals as our goal.

However, the current genocidal war of Israel against the Palestinian people of Gaza calls for a unified response of all social justice fighters, intersecting from the same root cause of oppression, be it animal or human rights groups. Now is the moment to show the world, that we as Animal Rights activists want to expand our moral consideration to include the fight against unjustified suffering and oppression of Palestinian humans and non humans alike.

Despite the pressure the ICJ ruling put on Israel six weeks ago, Israel keeps continuing its military attack on Gaza, whilst at the same time preventing essential supplies and medical aid to enter Gaza. 1 The death toll amongst civilians in Gaza increases every day. As of March 10th it stands at 31.045 people killed, including more than 12.300 children, and more than 72.654 people injured. 2

There is a further increase in settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since October 2023, with 425 Palestinians killed, including 113 children and more than 4.650 people injured, as of March 10th. 3

Nobody has been able to count the numbers of non human animal victims, but one must expect the worst, considering the circumstances.

UN agency UNWRA warns of a famine in Gaza: “The last time UNRWA was able to deliver food aid to northern Gaza was on January 23,…” 4

Sulala Animal Rescue is the only animal rescue in the Gaza strip.

Palestinian Animal League (PAL) is the leading animal protection group in the occupied West Bank. They have been a beacon of hope since their foundation in 2011, not only for occupied Palestine, but across the world, living and showcasing the very intersection of social justice by fighting for animal and human rights at the same time.

We, the following Animal Rights organisations and individuals acknowledge the injustice done to the Palestinian people and stand in solidarity with PAL and Sulala Animal Rescue, who symbolise the oppressed – humans and non humans alike – by demanding:

  1. An immediate, permanent and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.
  2. To immediately lift the siege and allow supplies and humanitarian aid into Gaza.
  3. To de-escalate settler violence in the occupied West Bank.
  4. To start the peace process to end Israeli occupation once and for all.


Please follow this link to sign the Open Letter.


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