Large-billed Crow Project in South Korea

We would like to support Joey Rositano’s ‘Large-billed Crow Project’ in South Korea by sharing the link to the Kickstarter he is currently running for the digital version of his book ‘Scattering’.

‘Scattering’ is a limited edition photography book about crow feeding rituals on Jeju Island in South Korea. As part of their shamanic faith residents of Jeju Island leave portions of food for scavenging animals, especially crows. Over five years Joey Rositano documented the special relationship between people and large-billed crows in the village of Darakut in South Korea.

Kickstarter Book One – ‘Scattering’ by Joey Rositano

Joey Rositano is a photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. The last fifteen years he has mostly lived on Jeju Island in South Korea. He has written about shamanism on Jeju Island, published a previous photo book and worked on a number of other projects about the island.

Please check out Joey Rositano’s Kickstarter and share with anyone who might have interest.

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