Mission Statement

Corvid Isle Sanctuary

Corvid Isle Sanctuary is a small non-for-profit organisation and corvid sanctuary (License Number MAU 015046). Our aim is to share our fascination and love for those birds belonging to the crow family, also known as corvids or corvidae. Corvids are passerine birds that include, amongst other species, crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies and choughs. These birds have long been demonised and accused of foul deeds. However, myth and reality are very different. We would like to change this stigma by sharing our experiences and observations, which we have acquired over many years of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work. Our aim is to provide dedicated state of the art long-term care and rehabilitation facilities for our native corvid species.

The Bigger Picture

The Corvid Isle Sanctuary Project is only one part of our daily work. For us it is the most important part, where we can show our gratitude by paying back the debt we owe our unreleasable resident birds. These birds have assisted us over the many years of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation as foster parents, teachers and companions. Without these bird we would not have been able to successfully rescue, rehabilitate and release the large number of native birds we did.

Our work as wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators, and the often intimate interactions with rescue animals and residents, have opened our eyes and highlighted the widespread use and abuse of sentient beings in our society. It is therefore just a simple logical consequence, that another focus of our work is the fight for the abolition of animal exploitation. Our animal rights approach is based only on animal sentience, and on no other cognitive characteristic. We regard ethical veganism as the moral baseline of our animal rights position, which rejects all violence. The core principle is to avoid harm being inflicted to all sentient beings, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

The interconnection between human and animal rights lies in recognising the intrinsic value of all sentient beings and promoting compassion and justice for both. Protecting animal rights often aligns with advancing human rights, as practices that harm animals do also have negative implications for human welfare, such as environmental degradation, public health risks and ethical considerations. Additionally, we believe that advocating for animal rights does foster empathy and creates a more ethical society, which will benefit both, animal and human rights efforts. By embracing these principles, we seek to create a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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