Mission Statement

The Bigger Picture

We are strongly committed to the path of holistic nonviolence following the teachings by © Tribe of Heart. Holistic nonviolence is about questioning ALL forms of oppression and violence, seeking to better understand their common roots, and choosing alternatives. We refuse to directly or indirectly take part in violence, to profit from the harm of others or to wilfully ignore oppression. We refuse to intentionally take away the dignity, bodily integrity, freedom or the life of another individual, no matter how they may differ from ourselves, be they a fellow human or a fellow animal.

Pursuing this path is not about being perfect, but about challenging ourselves to ever expand our understanding of how our actions affect others, and over time, to come closer and closer to the ideal of nonviolence toward all. It is a long term path of self-development, integrity and service. It places a special focus on respecting, advocating for, and, when possible, empowering those who are being oppressed, exploited or killed. Most importantly, it is a path based on cherishing and protecting life, and celebrating the beauty and joy we can create together (Adapted from © Tribe of Heart).

Corvid Isle Sanctuary

Corvid Isle Sanctuary is a small non-for-profit organisation and corvid sanctuary (License Number MAU 015046). In the spirit of holistic nonviolence, our aim is to share our fascination and love for those birds belonging to the crow family, also known as corvids or corvidae. Corvids are passerine birds that include, amongst other species, crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies and choughs. These birds have long been demonised and accused of foul deeds. However, myth and reality are very different. We would like to change this stigma by sharing our experiences and observations, which we have acquired over many years of rescue and rehabilitation work. Our focus is to provide dedicated state of the art long-term care and rehabilitation facilities for native corvid species like magpies, crows, rooks, ravens, jackdaws and jays.

About Corvid Isle

What is a Vegan-Run Corvid Sanctuary?