Carrion Crow Amor – A Day By Day Photo Collection

Amor was a carrion crow hatchling, who has been caught by a cat. This in itself is very unusual, as it is difficult to imagine that a cat would be able to raid a crow nest. We don’t know what exactly has happened, but we do know that Amor was very lucky to survive his ordeal. He came to us being hypothermic, dehydrated and in shock. Amor suffered also a severe soft tissue injury to his left shoulder joint, which did involve the joint capsule, putting him at risk of developing a chronic joint infection. We treated him accordingly and managed to stabilise his situation. His soft tissue injury started to heal well and Amor seemed to develop in a normal and timely fashion. However, after two weeks, completely out of the sudden and within a few hours, he deteriorated and stopped eating. It was almost like his immune system had collapsed. Although we did commence intensive treatment measures immediately, it took almost another week, until we dared to believe that Amor would survive. But he did! For those reasons it is worth noting, that this photo collection might no be entirely representative for a normal carrion crow development.