Corvid Isle Sanctuary Friends and Residents

Over many years we have formed a very close relationship to the natural world around us. Working closely with non-human animals has only deepened this relationship. As in any relationship, there is a range of emotions we have experienced over the years, which have influenced us in our endeavour to built a sense of connection with nature, such as mutual respect, understanding, love, awe, empathy, belonging, fascination, need, happiness, joy and on the other side discomfort, pain, sadness, guilt, longing, expectation. This sense of connection begins when we are born as part of the natural world, into the natural world. How we sustain that sense relies on our ability and willingness to recognise our conjoined destiny and what we do to keep the spark of connection alive like it is required in any relationship. We hope you enjoy a few snapshots of friends, neighbours, visitors and residents we have collated in this photo gallery, who we had the privilege to meet and to have shared our paths with.