GoFundMe – Support Corvid Isle Sanctuary

Adult rook

Please Support Us

The Corvid Isle Sanctuary is situated in the Scottish Highlands. We are a small fully self-funded non-for-profit sanctuary (License Number MAU 016710) and provide a permanent home for more than 30 native unreleasable birds. Please consider to support our work by making a financial contribution via GoFundMe. If you are interested in other ways to support us, then please check out our Support page for more details. You can also use our Contact page to get in touch with us, if you require more information.

GoFundMe – Support Corvid Isle Sanctuary

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Corvid Isle Sanctuary Needs Your Support

Carrion Crow Harold

We come to you today with a heartfelt appeal on behalf of our cherished corvids. Corvid Isle Sanctuary is a small and entirely self-funded non for profit organisation based in the Scottish Highlands. We provide a safe haven for these intelligent and captivating birds, who have faced hardships and adversity.

GoFundMe – Corvid Isle Sanctuary Needs Your Support

At our sanctuary, we offer a forever home to corvids that have endured unimaginable challenges. Many have suffered injuries, or impairments or have been orphaned, requiring specialised care and attention. We believe in their inherent worth and dedicate ourselves to their well-being, providing a sanctuary where they can flourish and find refuge from a world that often misunderstands them.

Rook Isla
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