Have you found a bird which has been attacked by a cat or dog?

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Have you found a bird which has been attacked by a cat or dog?

The saliva of cats and dogs contains Pasteurella multocida bacteria, which cause fatal infections in birds, mammals and reptiles within a few hours, if not treated with appropriate antibiotics as soon as possible.

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What shall I do now?

Keep the bird safe and warm and get in touch immediately with your local wildlife rescue or rehabber. Please do not release a bird without obvious signs of an injury. A tiny scratch or puncture wound is enough to seed the potentially fatal infection.

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Thank you very much. #corvid_isle
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First Aid For Birds – Cat Caught Birds

Robin fledgling

If a cat brings a caught bird indoors, then immediate action is needed to save the bird’s life. The animal has to be freed immediately out of the cat’s mouth or claws. A very quick assessment of the animal is essential, which is being done with the aim to find open or displaced fractures, wounds involving in particular chest and abdomen and to detect signs of an acute bleed. An actively bleeding wound needs to be treated immediately. The best option is to use clean tissues or kitchen towels to compress the bleeding area gently but firmly until the bleed has stopped. Even a small amount of lost blood can result into a severe irreversible shock situation in birds. This is particularly true for small birds species.

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