Happy New Year 2023

Wishing all of our friends, supporters and followers a peaceful Happy New Year. Animals need our love, care and attention. They also need our respect and care. Because animals cannot stand for their rights, it is our job to stand and work for them. Animals are not the property of humans and they must not be treated like objects. Let us keep them safe and protect them. Let the year 2023 be the year where animal lovers will encourage their friends, family, relatives or communities to hold up a voice for animals.

Happy New Year
Carrion crow Pan Tau

4 Replies to “Happy New Year 2023”

  1. Such true words! I hope that you will have a quiet night without fireworks. Happy 2023 to you and and all the birds.

  2. Exactly, we as humans would be nothing without them. We as humans should protect them and look out for them as we do our children. Happiest of New years to you.

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