Thank You Message to all our Supporters and Followers

We would like to thank all of our followers, supporters as well as first-time and longtime donors for the continued and kind support of our work here at Corvid Isle. As a small and self-funded sanctuary we really do appreciate your help and are grateful to everyone who supports us. Thanks to your help, be it directly or via Easyfundraising, we have been able to provide our residents with food, medication, veterinary care, enrichment and of course a permanent home they need and deserve.

Our main focus as a sanctuary is on the provision of a suitable environment for unreleasable or disabled birds, allowing these birds to live free of discomfort, pain or disease. We have designed and built tailor made facilities, where our residents can live without fear and distress, and where these animals are also able to express normal behaviour in company of animals of their own kind.

Jackdaw Jack says 'Thank You'
Jackdaw Jack

Many of our residents are “retired” foster birds, after they have supported us for many years in the rehabilitation of orphaned, imprinted or injured birds. Without these previously wild and very experienced helpers we would not have been able to raise and successfully release all those animal patients, who came into our care over the past years. It comes without saying that running a sanctuary requires strict admission criteria, as we are adhering to the highest of standards and have to make sure that our existing residents can enjoy their home environment without the risk of living in overcrowded or inappropriate facilities.

This is why we are unable to take in new residents at the present time. This also means that at the time being we will not give animals away to other rescues, rehabbers or animals friends, as this would cause emotional distress to our settled residents themselves and to their friends and partners.

Jackdaw Jack says 'Thank You'
Jackdaw Jack says ‘Thank You’

Thank you once again for your support. Let us continue to spread the word and to redefine our relationship with all sentient beings. Non-human domestic and wild animals including corvids need and deserve our help.

4 Replies to “Thank You Message to all our Supporters and Followers”

  1. You are much missed on Twitter. All the best to you & all the lovelies.

    1. Thank you very much! I hope you are keeping well. All the best to you too.

      1. Also miss you on twitter, I hope that you are doing well and all your beautiful birds too. I keep sending links to your fantastic blog to corvid friends all over. It’s so helpful! Thank you for helping so many birds in so many ways!

        1. Thank you very much! I hope you are keeping well. Please keep in touch.

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