In Memory of Magpie Sophie

We would like to use this opportunity to give our condolences to Sophie’s family. We would also like to thank Sophie’s family and carer for all the hard work they did and for taking good care of Sophie, enabling so many people to become part of Sophie’s life. Last but not least we would like to thank Sophie’s family for nominating us as a worthy cause to support and for all the subsequent kind and generous donations, which are greatly appreciated by us and the birds in our corvid sanctuary.

Twitter account of Sophie The Magpie

Magpies exploring the garden
Magpies exploring the garden

Sophie has been an ambassador in a world, where animals are mostly regarded as objects or possessions, where magpies and many other animal species did not make it into the worthy group of animals enjoying preferential consideration and treatment. Also, many people often think of a species as a large body of ‘others’. Sophie has helped people to understand, that a species is made up of unique beings, as she gave us the opportunity to get to know her as an individual, a sentient being, not any different to animals humans tend to love and admire more frequently, such as dogs or parrots. Please do not forget, the next magpie you see in the woods or in the garden is an individual like Sophie. She made us realise that every individual of a species matters, and without any doubt, Sophie did.

Everyone who got to know Sophie was touched by her. She brought immense happiness to our lives. Sophie taught us about the enormous variety, richness and purpose of corvid language. She taught us her unique individuality, preferences and vulnerability. Thanks to her carer we all have been able to tune into Sophie’s world, and have become suddenly able to discover a parallel non-human world that exists alongside us that most people are impervious to. Our human emotions towards Sophie are far from indulgent or irrelevant. We believe that they are crucial. Without these emotions there would be no friendship, no sense of kin, no love for those under our care. Without these emotions there would be no reciprocal relationship and no great empathy. It is the depth of our feelings for them that allows us to live in their shoes, which enables us to read their body language, their vocalisations and subsequently their emotions.

Magpie Kiri
Magpie Kiri (RIP)

To live in company of animals like Sophie means for us that there are not only pleasant times, but definitely privileged times. It takes courage to leave our hearts open to love and to loose a loved one. Although we have never been a direct part of Sophie’s life, we were indirectly blessed and privileged by getting a glance into her life, for which we are very grateful. It will take us a long time to get over losing her. Rest in peace Sophie.

Featured Image: Magpie Luca.

4 Replies to “In Memory of Magpie Sophie”

  1. I echo the above sentiments. I got used to reading messages from Sophie and her male Andy and enjoyed the breecasts. I was shocked to see the tweets announcing her passing ?

  2. I must confess that the passing of Sophie the Magpie has hit me harder than I expected. Perhaps it’s because Sophie’s twitter feed was my first stop as my day began. I guess it never occurred to me that the sense of fun I knew from getting to know her life and personality would someday end. I guess that’s the deal: the happiness I knew feeling a part of her life has to be paid for with the pain now. Rest in Peace Little One…

  3. Dear Sophie, you leave your love behind, for all those who understand that you were another light which makes up the whole of consciousness.. There is no one being better than any other…we share this world, and all of us are one. Your spirit is free…

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