Jackdaw Puck – An Obituary

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the loss of our residential jackdaw Puck, who became a true friend and member of our mixed human and non-human family.

Puck has been brought to us in August 2015, after she has been found lost and wandering disorientated the streets approaching people randomly. It became quickly apparent that Puck was an imprinted hand raised bird, who may have been escaped or intentionally released. At admission Puck showed marked deficiency signs, which have been most likely caused by a suboptimal diet and care.

Jackdaw Puck at admission

Puck adapted well to the new situation and we managed to gradually introduce her to our jackdaw community. She settled in well and became fully integrated, but always maintained her special bond to us as her foster family, even when she was on free flight. Puck found a loving partner in a wild jackdaw, but still came regularly back to pay us a visit, cherished by both sides.

Jackdaw Puck

Sadly, for reasons unknown, Puck developed a neurological disorder, which made it necessary for her to give up her free flight freedom, as it was safer for her to stay permanently with us. Due to this chronic illness she had to go through a prolonged treatment phase, which stabilised her condition, but also showed that there would be no cure. Despite all this Puck loved to spend her day time hours with other jackdaws, but always came back indoors in the evening and night to join her human family. Puck managed to help many other young jackdaws, jays and even crows to settle and to find their place after the ordeal they had to go through, and which brought them to us.

Jackdaw Puck on the chair

Puck has taught us many lessons about forgiveness, generosity, dignity, compassion, peace, trust and love. We cannot put in words how indebted we are to Puck for letting us into her live. With Puck we have lost a true friend and genuine family member. Rest in peace Puck! You will never be forgotten!


4 Replies to “Jackdaw Puck – An Obituary”

  1. I was saddened to hear of Puck’s passing. Doing so took me back to the many times I have held a bird as it passed away way too soon and each passing hurt. Thank you for all that you do for the fortunate creatures who find themselves cared for by you all. Puck got to live and love because of you. cw

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts! We really appreciate that! As soon as they let us into their lives, we become part of theirs as well. And this won’t change, even our paths are leading us in different directions…

  2. I’m so very sorry for your loss of this precious feathered soul! Rest In Peace, Puck. You were loved and you will be missed ❤️

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