Rook Nell – An Obituary

Nell came to us in May 2013 after being rescued as a fledgling near a rookery. She has been found on the ground after being abandoned by her parents, most likely because she was not able to get herself off the ground to follow her siblings and parents round. Unlike carrion crows, it is known that rooks will not feed their offspring on the ground. Luckily Nell has been rescued right in time and brought to us for treatment and rehabilitation.

When Nell arrived with us, she was malnourished and severely dehydrated, which made us think that she must have been already grounded for a while. We also quickly discovered the reason, why Nell has got into trouble, and found it difficult to get off the ground. Her elbow joint was very swollen and badly infected, which made it impossible for her to fly. However, to our delight, Nell responded well to treatment and care, and most importantly, we were able to preserve her wing. However, despite intensive care including physiotherapy, Nell’s elbow joint remained compromised, which meant that she was not able to fly sufficiently and strong enough to safely go back into the wild.

Rook Nell

Nell joined our residential rook community and settled in very well. She quickly became friends with our rook Mojo, who came to us as an orphan fledgling in the same year. Over the following years, Nell and Mojo became frequently involved in the care and rehabilitation of many rook youngsters, who were subsequently successfully released, thanks to the support of our residential rook community.

Nell was always a very quit rook, who always seemed to keep herself in the background. We will miss her amazing and gentle soul, and her unique way she communicated and interacted with her own kind and us. Nell, we are very saddened, but we are also very grateful. It was a privilege that our paths have crossed and that we were able to become part of your life. You have been very dear to our hearts and you will be sincerely missed! Rest in peace Nell!

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  1. So sad she completed her task of helping the rearing of young orphan rooks.

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